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Remy Ma To Gold Digging Child Support Seekers: ‘F*** You B*****s’ + Papoose Says Bill Cosby Is INNOCENT

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Remy Ma serves up her opinion about women who go after men with money, hoping to catch a bag with a baby. See the interview, plus sound off on Papoose’s belief that Bill Cosby is innocent after the entertainer was sentenced on sexual assault charges inside….

Remy Ma has a message to women who specifically go after wealthy men and get pregnant, expecting a come up: F*** YOU B*****

The pregnant rapper (who is due to give birth in a few months) was chatting with her co-hosts – Joe Budden, Scottie Beam, and Jinx – on REVOLT TV’s "State of the Culture" about child support and she offered up some bold statements about money hungry women who go to the courts trying to make a come up.

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“These b*tches go to court and they be lying and it’s sad," she said.

"I bet you if they made it so that you could only get child support if you were married to the person, a lot of these b*tches would stop waiting outside of basketball games and outside of concerts tryna f*** n*ggas because you know b*tch you get knocked up, you ain’t getting no money."

The NYC raptress, who has her own VH1 special premiering soon, is seemingly annoyed with groupies and gold diggers who only have babies to secure a bag.

The "All The Way Up" rapper said she feels like co-parents should split everything. Then, she said if the mom wants the child to participate in extracurricular activities, such as karate, then SHE should pay for it by herself and not expect the man to help.

"You want the kid to do karate, that’s a choice. You should have to pay for it," she said.

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Remy, who recently renewed her vows with her hubby Papoose, said whatever the child needs, the mom should go grind for it to make sure the kid is straight and to stop begging a man be in their child’s life. She said her husband is an amazing father to her son (who she shares with another man), but if something were to happen to him, then she would make sure he was cared for regardless.

“If my husband, God forbid, dropped off the face of the earth, I’m going to make sure my son is OK,” she said. “You got these b*tches es that sit around on they ass all day and expect because they let a n*gga with some money stick they d*ck in them and they had a baby that they f*ckin’ hit the lottery."

Hmmm.  We agree a mother should always be grinding for her own child, but that does not absolve a man for also grinding for what is HIS child as well.

She continued:

"We need to champion behind our black men! Champion behind our black men, so that we change these f*ckin’ laws because it’s f*cked up. And every other money hungry baby mother out there, f*ck all you b*tches. I hate you b*tches."

Check it:

Oh, Remy.

So men aren’t to blame for any of this? How about wealthy men stop "sticking their d*ck" inside groupies/gold diggers without a condom? A man is just as responsible for his child as the child’s mother. Regardless of who makes the most money, they BOTH laid down to have sex, so they BOTH should support the child financially. At this point, wealthy men aren’t oblivious to the fact that there are SOME women who DO go after rich men to secure a bag, so why don’t they smarten up and take steps to prevent it if they’re adamant they do not want children, seeing that they very well can?! If a woman is adamant about not having children, she knows the many options to prevent it as well.  Personal responsibility lies with both genders.

On the flip side, we do agree that women and men who go after rich men & women simply looking for a come up, are trash.

What are your thoughts on Remy’s child suport comments?

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Remy isn’t the only one giving up her ulfiltered opinion. Her hubby Pap went on Instagram following Bill Cosby’s sexual assault sentencing (he’s serving 3-10 years in a state prison) to share his beliefs about it all. And he said the 81-year-old entertainer is INNOCENT.  "They’re" only doing this to him to tarnish his brand, according to Pap.

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"America is all about money!," he captioned under a screenshot of the NY Daily News cover. "What does jello have to do with an alleged rape case? Shouldn’t this be handled more seriously? It’s a joke to them… wake up people! I DO NOT condone rape in no shape, form, or fashion. But I believe he is not guilty."

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In another Instagram post, Pap wrote, "Coincidentally these accusations were made. Right around the time “Cosby” was said to be in the process… of purchasing NBC. #metoomovement Personally I’m not buying this bs. I DO NOT condone rape in any shape, form, or fashion. But I believe he’s not guilty!"

Hmm….we doubt Cosby was getting ready to buy NBC, seeing that he’s currently being sued by a Philadelphia-based law firm for failing to pay over $ 282,000 in legal fees generated from representing him in the civil and criminal sexual assault cases that go back decades. You can read the full story here.

Back to the Mackies…

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Remy & Pap #MeetTheMackies Monday, October 1st @9pm EST on @vh1 SB: My “angles” days are just about over #BlackLove #RemyMa #RemyMafia

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The couple stopped by AOL Build to chop it up about how they met, how they blended their families and their new VH1 special:


We dmight not agree with every single thing they say, but we still love ’em! 

"Remy & Papoose: Meet The Mackies" premieres Monday, October 1st at 9pm EST on VH1. #BlackLove


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