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Late-Night Lately: Meyers' 'Oscar Bait,' Oliver's Techno Putin Song, Fallon's Trump TV

By / Published on Saturday, 25 Feb 2017 23:22 PM / No Comments / 184 views

Courtesy of LastWeekTonight/YouTube

John Oliver focused this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight on Vladimir Putin, looking at the atrocities Putin has been accused of, while explaining to Americans that Putin is actually well liked in Russia.

“He’s genuinely popular there,” said Oliver, pointing to the fact Putin has his own pop song called “A Man Like Putin.” He talked about how Putin often compares Russia to America and pointed out that Trump is doing the same thing, taking Putin’s flawed “moral equivalence argument” and running with it.

“Trump is basically the propagandist of Putin’s dreams, and who knows why he’s acting this way. Maybe he’s compromised, maybe he’s an idiot, but since the president of the United States won’t stick up for this country, I will,” said Oliver. “America and Russia are not the f—ing same.”

In order to quickly “educate” Trump about the Russian president, Oliver re-wrote the words to the Russian techno song about Putin. “A man like Putin only wants power,” sang ladies who danced on stage, “he’ll fake a tape of your golden shower.” 

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