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FATHER’S DAY SHADE: 50 Cent’s Son Trolls His Dad + Blac Chyna Blasts Tyga & Rob Over Child Support + Emily B Praises Fablous & Has A Message For The ‘Haters’

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It wouldn’t be Father’s Day if SOMEONE wasn’t shading their father or baby daddy on these Internet streets. See 50 Cent‘s son Maquise Jackson follow in his dad’s footsteps with the social media trolling, Blac Chyna blasting her baby’s fathers Tyga & Rob Kardashian, and Emily B — inside….

Like father, like son.

We see 50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson can get just as petty as his dad.

On Father’s Day while most of us were posting celebratory messages to our dads and men in our lives, Marquise was busy throwing shade at his pops. And we almost can’t blame him based on his strained relationship with his father. Since their falling out, Fif has been nothing but petty when it comes to addressing anything involving his oldest son. Now, his son is hopping on the petty train.

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Marquise, who is an aspiring rapper, posted up a picture of himself smiling with his arm around an empty chair inside Benihana restaurant with the caption, "Father’s Day Lunch lol" Oop!

Oh, but then it gets worse…

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Marquise’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins hopped in his comments section with some petty as well. She tagged 50’s 5-year-old son Sire Jackson‘s IG page and wrote, "maybe if your mother was smart she would’ve swallowed."  She must not realize that’s not sire’s correct IG.

Either way, Sire’s mom is busy snapping pics for the ‘Gram in Paris and has yet to respond.

But you KNOW Fif is going to respond. The "Power" star/creator hopped on social media and here’s what he had to say about it:



LOL Now why you Mad get the strap #lecheminduroi #power

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oh my goodness, why would a person say such a thing? lm just heart broken that this woman hasn’t moved on. LOL get the strap

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THIS guy…

Speaking of Father’s Day shade…

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Blac Chyna was busy firing shots on Father’s Day. And not at her own father. BOTH fathers to her child, King Cairo and Dream Kardashian.

The LASH Boutique owner hopped on Instagram Stories on Father’s Day to bash Tyga (father of 5-year-old King) and Rob Kardashian (father of 19-month-old Dream) for allegedly not paying child support.

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She wrote, "wow Tyga and Rob……no child support BOSS BITCH ALL 201……"


Last we heard, Rob was ordered by a judge to pay Chyna $ 20,000/month in child support for Dream. Months later, Rob reportedly filed paperwork to have his child support payments reduced since Chyna supposedly makes more money than him.

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As for Tyga, it’s unclear what his child support arrangement is. This isn’t the first time Chyna has blasted Tyga over child support on social media. She did the same thing last year, revealing the rapper hasn’t paid a dime in child support since King has been born. An insider told HollywoodLife that Tyga and Chyna have an agreement that they will pay for their own stuff since they share custody.

“From day one Tyga has never had to pay Chyna,” the source told the site. “They had an agreement, each of them would share custody and pay for their own stuff, their own childcare, nannies, food, and expenses for King.”


On Father’s Day Emily B had a message for all the "haters"….

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She’s over people flooding her comments on Instagram with hate towards her kids’ father Fabolous, so she’s blocking anyone who comes at her sideways. And we all know why. It was reported he knocked her front teeth out during an argument and he was arrested on domestic violence charges. Then, a video leaked online that showed Fab arguing with Emily’s father and brother.

On Father’s Day, she shared a series of photos wishing Fab and her father a Happy Father’s Day. She posted a picture of Fab, her dad, her brother and her son Johan Jackson to celebrate:

 photo em3.png

This looks like an old photo…during happier times. Everyone has a coat on in the picture, which means it was likely cold outside when the flick was taken. Also, we’re not sure of the current status of Fab’s relationship with her family members, but they’re likely still pissed about everything that went down and aren’t running for a chance to snap a picture with Fab.

Peep the rest of her posts below:

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Photos: Marquise’s IG/Chyna’s IG

Thanks to: The Young, Black, and Fabulous®

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