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15 Shocking Revelations From Bachelor-Tell-All: Amy Kaufman’s “Bachelor Nation”

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Arie Luyendyk’s season of The Bachelor garnered mass attention after he made the epic Bachelor error of proposing to one woman only to regret his decision and chase the runner-up. The dramatic finale garnered 7.8 million viewers and the whole debacle caused many fans to begin to wonder what exactly was happening behind-the-scenes of the hit reality show to cause such a controversy. Los Angeles Times staff writer Amy Kaufman made it her mission to find out and recently released a tell-all Bachelor novel that spills a few shocking revelations that The Bachelor producers don’t want you to know. Follow along for 15 juicy secrets from Amy Kaufman’s Bachelor Nation:

15. Producers are ruthless while casting contestants

Although to fans The Bachelor may feel like a mindless reality show, there is actually heavy strategy involved in filling each episode with drama, which means the show requires dramatic contestants to fuel it. The producers are quite meticulous in their selection of women and Kaufman uncovered that the producers tend to label contestants in stereotypical boxes to plot a storyline for them on the show. Kaufman states, “The remarks… don’t paint the kindest picture of the producers. Instead, they come across calculating and formulaic — and certainly not sympathetic.” Kaufman then proceeds to provide various examples of the producer’s casting notes, one in which describes the contestant as follows: “Jamie, 21. Seems very young and immature (UCSB sorority chick-ish!). Wants to find love on TV and have a $ 4 million wedding. Get her in the house because she’ll drive the other girls crazy — or the other girls will definitely annoy her. Very produceable — another one who comes with strings. Could be a star on The OC or Dawson’s Creek. She, like, wants to, like, get married like — can we stand it??”



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14. No contact with the outside world

Many will be surprised to learn that once the contestants enter The Bachelor mansion, they must seize all of their devices that connect them to the outside world. Phones, computers, televisions, books, magazines, even gym equipment aren’t allowed inside the mansion. Kaufman describes this rule as a well-designed strategy for the show which she dubs the “Bachelor bubble” in which “everyone — fellow contestants, producers — is talking about the Bachelor or Bachelorette, so that’s all you start to think about too.” This sheltered lifestyle forces contestants to only think about the main source of controversy in their life at the time, which in every case, is the Bachelor/Bachelorette and their impending romance. “You have nothing to think about,” Clare Crawley from Juan Pablo’s season revealed in the novel. “Not even what food you’re going to order. You don’t have to think about a single thing other than him.”

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