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'SNL': Melissa McCarthy Returns as Michael Che's “Stepmom”

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The ‘Life of the Party’ star told embarrassing anecdotes about the “Weekend Update” co-anchor and showered him with affection.

Melissa McCarthy returned to Saturday Night Live this week in a guest role as cast member Michael Che’s “stepmom,” who interrupted the recurring segment “Weekend Update” to tell embarassing anecdotes about the co-anchor and shower him with affection.

McCarthy arrived at the end of the segment wearing a pink sweatshirt that read “World’s Proudest Stepmom” and was emblazoned with a picture of Che as a baby. She stepped in during a set-up of a joke about President Trump’s new lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, telling Che, “I just thought you might need a Claritin because you’re getting a little foggy.”

At one point, she pointed to the picture of the baby Che on her sweatshirt and said, “See this little guy, remember him? You may not have grown in my tummy, but I love putting him around my tummy.”

After hovering around Che’s desk for a bit, she sat down next to him and asked him to continue doing his work. When he reprised the set-up for the Giuliani joke, McCarthy had fun with the fact that the digital onscreen graphic of Giuliani was placed right over her face.  Giggling and waving her arms around, she said, “I have a different head.”

Later, while Che attempted to do his broadcast, she asked, “What’s on your face?” before planting a barrage of kisses on his cheek.

Che ended the segment by asking her to read a joke for him. McCarthy then planted her face in front of the camera in order to be able to read the joke from the teleprompter.

McCarthy is currently promoting her latest film, Life of the Party, which arrived in theaters on Friday.

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