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Chick Is Determined To Get Back In Y’all’s Good Graces – Omarosa Returns To ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House After Being Hospitalized For Asthma Attack

By / Published on Monday, 12 Feb 2018 04:52 AM / No Comments / 135 views

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Omarosa is back, chile. She had a health scare, but she’s back in the "Big Brother" house. Just one more House we’re totally unsure of how she found her way into.  Deets inside…

Omarosa Manigault-Newman made a dramtic exit from the “Celebrity Big Brother” house a couple of days ago. But, it was nothing like what allegedly went down when she was reportedly forced to leave the White House.

The former White House staffer was taken to the hospital after she was injured during the “Head of Household” competition on Friday night. It’s said Ross Mathews hit Omarosa with a ball during the spinning golf/bowling game. And another housemate may have accidentally hit her with a prop.  TMZ reports the contestants were required to spin around until they were dizzy and then bowl.

First, she apprently had a game injury, then it was said the former “Apprentice” star suffered an asthma attack.

“Omarosa has returned to the Celebrity Big Brother house after receiving medical attention last night and today for an asthma attack,” a rep for CBS said in a statement to Page Six. “This development will be addressed on the Sunday night broadcast.”

We know she’ll have plenty to say, especially since some of her house mates believe she was faking. 

See what her co-stars had to say about it below:

Before she stepped back in the house, she tweeted evitctee Chuck Liddell:



Her return played out on Sunday night’s episode and she did the absolute most.  As expected.

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