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12 Things You Didn’t Know About LL Cool J

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LL Cool J is one of those celebrities who really can do it all. He is a popular rapper, an entrepreneur, and author and also happens to be the star of one of TV’s most popular series, NCIS: Los Angeles. He is beloved not only by fans but his fellow stars and is often asked to be the host of events because of his charm, charisma and eloquent yet humorous way of saying things. After a lifetime in the spotlight, it would seem fans know everything there is to know about the talented star, but there is always more! Here are 12 things you probably didn’t know about LL Cool J:

12. The Stage Name

He may best be known as LL Cool J but he was born James Todd Smith. After beginning his music career, which took off quickly, he decided he needed a stage name. He came up with LL Cool J which stands for Ladies Love Cool James. Although it has become an iconic moniker, he actually first called himself J-Ski but gave up on it because so many rappers were calling themselves something with “Ski” or “Blow”and it was quickly becoming associated with the rise of cocaine culture. Upon deciding that he wanted a unique stage name, LL Cool J said he picked “Cool J” because “It seems like cool has been around since the beginning of time,” and as for the “Ladies Love” he said, “I promise you, it was completely wishful thinking. I was a little kid just hoping.” In the end “LL” worked better for marketing, “When we made the records, we decided to make it LL because Ladies Love would look a little ridiculous and a little long on a piece of vinyl.”

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11. Rapping Young

LL Cool James began rapping at only 9 years old and found himself to have a natural talent for it. After years of honing his craft as a rapper, his grandfather ended up giving him up about $ 2,000 worth of equipment when he was 16 which included two turntables, an audio mixer, and an amplifier. “By the time I got that equipment, I was already a rapper. In this neighborhood, the kids grow up in rap. It’s like speaking Spanish if you grow up in an all-Spanish house. I got into it when I was about 9, and since then all I wanted was to make a record and hear it on the radio.”

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