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12 Celebrities You Forgot Appeared on Smallville

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While superheroes may be all the rage right now with endless films and series, The WB/The CW were ahead of the curve with the Superman origin series, Smallville. During Smallville’s 10 season-run from 2001-2011, there were a lot of guest stars, and some were very recognizable including Superman legends like Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain and more, but looking back on the series there were quite a few more well-known faces in the cast. Check out these 12 celebrities you forgot appeared/guest starred in Smallville:

12. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Past his time as Randy Taylor on Home Improvement, not much has been seen of Jonathan Taylor Thomas. While many assumed he had quit acting altogether, he did make a few special appearances in series such as Veronica Mars, 8 Simple Rules, and Smallville. Jonathan Taylor Thomas appeared on the superhero series twice as Ian Randall and made his first cameo in the season two episode “Dichotic.” Thomas, like so many other celebrity guest stars, played a metahuman transformed by the meteor rocks, who became one of Clark’s enemies. Ian Randall was exceptionally intelligent and his powers gave him the ability to duplicate himself. After being banished to Belle Reve, Randall returned in season 3’s “Asylum” but was defeated once and for all at the end of the episode.

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11. Amy Adams

Before she was lighting up the big screen in leading roles in films such as Enchanted, Julie & Julia, The Fighter, American Hustle, Arrival and more, Amy Adams was just trying to build up her acting resume and found her way to the set of Smallville. In the show’s very first season, when Smallville still operated on the “Monster of the Week” method, Adams played said monster for the episode “Craving.” Adams portrayed Jodi Melville, an unpopular girl at Smallville High who becomes attractive and popular after losing weight rapidly due to a diet of kryptonite-infected food. Unfortunately, her new diet then consisted of eating the fat from live animals — and then her peers — before Clark put a stop to it. Adams had no way of knowing that 12 years after her Smallville appearance she would not only have a substantial blockbuster career but would go on to have a much bigger role in the DC Comics universe and the Superman story when she took on the iconic role of Lois Lane for Man of Steel which she has reprised in subsequent Justice League films.

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