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10 Foundations for Glowy Dewy Skin

By / Published on Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018 19:54 PM / No Comments / 119 views

The first step in getting to that dewy skin status is actually taking off your makeup before bed with a cleanser (not a wipe…) and slathering on some moisturizer. After you lock down a solid skincare habit, you can boost the glow factor with a radiant-finish foundation.

Infused with conditioning, light-reflecting ingredients, these creamy formulas will give you the coverage you’re looking for, evening out your skin tone and covering up redness, while leaving behind a dewy, youthful, and subtly lustrous finish that screams “I slept for more than six hours.” Seriously, you might even skip out on highlighter.

From NARS to Maybelline, we rounded up nine of the best dewy finish foundation options out there, ranging in coverage options, and most importantly, in price point.

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